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The Retreat

To make a real change, you have to become it.

This is the place to do that.

When you feel this place, you'll get it.

I can't tell you why this is so right.

It just is.

If you are supposed to be here, you will know it.

It's time.

Just come.


XK is a way of asking the body what your whole being wants, and then giving it what it asks for.

The XK Retreat is a place to learn how to do that, but it's also a place to be with others who know how important that is... and to have them work on you.

You don't have to want to learn XK to come...

If you've ever experienced how much you are able to change after just one kinesiology session, imagine what it would be like to stay in that energy for a whole week.  Now imagine doing that on a perfect Caribbean beach.  How much could you change during a whole week of honoring your body, mind, and spirit that completely?  Many people attend XK events just to get worked on, or to deepen their understanding of how they create their own reality.  Some come just to relax...

Come see what this retreat can offer you...